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Polished Concrete

Concrete Polishing...

     In the last few years, Concrete Polishing has grown tremendously. This great increase in popularity is due in part to new technology that allows for a better finish and also to new dyes and stains that work well in conjunction with polishing. Concrete polishing changes a plain concrete surface into a beautiful and sophisticated, glossy, easy-to-clean, surface. The polishing process also includes strengthening the concrete to limit wear and tear and adds years of service life to the floor extending the benefits of polishing concrete even further.


What is Concrete Polishing?

     Concrete polishing is a process developed to provide a high gloss finish look to concrete without the use of sealers or coatings. The polishing is accomplished by using powerful grinders and diamond pads. The pads go from coarse to fine until the floor is level, then superfine pads are used in up to 8 steps and 3000 grit to provide a natural glossy finish to the concrete.


Benefits of Polished Concrete...

     A polished floor does not scratch nor does it wear out as epoxy, urethane or acrylic sealers do. Polished concrete increases light reflection, greatly reduces dusting, it improves the look of the floor and they are very easy to maintain. In addition, the use of hardeners and concrete densifiers reduces the passage of moisture and minimizes oil and water absorption. The process is fairly fast and most new equipment comes with very effective dust control systems so there a minimum impact on the surrounding environment. Polished Concrete is great for commercial floors such as warehouses and manufacturing plants, showroom floors, garages, restaurants, schools, churches and stores. In residential floors polished concrete is gaining more and more popularity in basements and garages. With in-floor heating, it’s the perfect companion.


Is Polished Concrete Slippery?

     Polished Concrete offers some great advantages over other finishes regarding slipperiness, even though the surface is highly polished and glossy it still offers better slip resistance than many top coatings for concrete. If the surface is properly maintained, cleaned regularly with using appropriate methods it will keep its slip resistance for many years.


How do you maintain Polished Concrete floors?

     Polished Concrete is virtually maintenance free but not completely, there are a few things the owner needs to do to ensure the finish will last and will maintain its beauty. Regular cleaning and removing abrasive materials such as sand and dirt from the surface will help prevent gloss loss and scratching. There are many products designed for these floors that will not damage the densifiers and hardeners used during the polishing process, along with waxes, surface conditioners, neutral cleaners etc. Never used acidic products to clean polished concrete floors.


How much does Polished Concrete Cost?

     The cost of polishing a floor will greatly depend on the floor condition, the size of the project, the desired finish and amount of work involved in getting the surface ready for polishing. If the floor is damaged, has glue, cutback, thin sets, grout, sealer or any other product on it, it will take a certain amount of work before the polishing process even starts. The cost per square foot may very from as low as $4.00 per square foot to as much as $10.00 per square foot. Color dying, staining, decorative scoring and intricate designs will also influence the final price.


How Durable is Polished Concrete?

     With proper care and a good maintenance program in place, polished concrete will have a very long useful life. Regular cleaning and applying surface conditioners and/or waxes will greatly extend the life of the floor and maintain its beauty for years to come.


What's the cost compared to other flooring?

      Polished flooring not only looks the best, but the cost is substantially less than other flooring. If your looking to the future, you need to seriously consider polished concrete.

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