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Concrete Overlays & Repairs

Floor Preparation...

     Every floor that we start with is unique. Some have glue or tar, some have paint. We assess each situation differently and bring in the appropriate equipment for preparing the surface to finished.

For overlays to become part of the existing floor, cleaning and opening the concrete pores is the most important. Our professional equipment makes the work safe and about 90% dust free.


Concrete Overlays:

     Concrete Overlays may be used both for beautification and restoration work, a thin overlay may be applied as a broom finish to rejuvenate a worn out spalled driveway to a brand new look, or, the same product may be applied in a decorative way to enhance it.

Are you tired of your plain concrete? Is it pitted, cracked and damaged by the elements and you'd like a new look without removing the old stuff? Then an overlay is what you are looking for.

Concrete Overlays offer the distinct advantage that they can be applied right over existing concrete to create a new canvas to work on. Overlays offer innumerable variations of color and texture as they may be stamped, sprayed, troweled on, squeegeed smooth and broom finished. The applications are endless and the possibilities unlimited. Overlays have been around for over 30 years, and as with the rest of the decorative concrete industry, the growth on this segment is a reflection on the great popularity Decorative Concrete enjoys today.   Overlays come in many ways: self levelers, thin resurfacers, stamp mixes and Micro-toppings, each has its own purpose and application method which allows us to offer a great array of choices to the project owner.



Save Money:

     The cost of replacing concrete drives, patios and pads is astronomical. For example, the average driveway is at least 21’ x 24’, which is 504 square feet. The minimum cost to rip out and replace would be $25 per square foot, totalling over $12,000.00! Our product can be applied for as little as $6.00 per square foot - that is a savings of over $9,000.00! (Plus it’s not just plain grey cement)

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