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Polished Concrete

school polishing floor

Polished Concrete is your strongest, most durable concrete finish. The concrete itself is refined by grinding with diamond disks and resins. There are no toppings. The concrete itself is made smooth without the use of sealers.
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epoxy floor

Epoxy Systems cover a wide range of applications - Additives like Paint Flakes (garages), Metallic Powder(Marble look), Pigment Colors all create strong unique floors. You can even go clear and use over stained concrete or as a sealer.
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concrete Toppings

Micro-topping Driveway

Quality polymer concrete toppings restore old concrete to new looking condition, saving thousands of dollars and days of time on replacement. Many times steps and driveways just need a facelift, not replacement.
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Concrete Polishing

grocery store polish
polish Home Depot

Over the last decade, Polished Concrete has grown tremendously in popularity. This is due in part to new technology that allows for a better finish and also new dyes and stains that work well in conjunction with polishing. Concrete polishing changes a plain concrete floor into a beautiful and sophisticated, glossy, easy-to-clean surface.
The polishing process also includes strengthening the concrete to limit wear and tear and adds years of service life to the floor extending the benefits of polishing concrete even further.

What is Concrete Polishing?    
Concrete polishing is a process developed to provide a high gloss finish to concrete without the use of sealers or coatings. The polishing is accomplished by using powerful grinders and diamond disks and pads. The diamond disks cut through the surface until the desired amount of agregate is showing. Then diamond resin pads are used to polish up to the desired shine and provide a natural glossy finish to the concrete.

Benefits of Polished Concrete...    
A polished floor does not scratch or wear out as epoxy, urethane or acrylic sealers do. Polished concrete increases light reflection and reduces dusting like unfinished concrete does. It improves the look of the floor and makes it very easy to clean and maintain. In addition, the use of concrete densifiers hardens the floor making it virutally unscratchable. The process is fairly fast and comes with effective vaccuum systems so the dust is very minimal. Polished Concrete is great for commercial floors such as warehouses and manufacturing plants, showroom floors, garages, restaurants, schools, churches and stores. In the residential market, polished concrete is gaining more and more popularity for basements and garages. With in-floor heating, it’s the perfect companion.

Is Polished Concrete Slippery?
Polished Concrete offers some great advantages over other finishes regarding slipperiness. Even though the surface is highly polished, it still offers better slip resistance than other flooring and tile. If the surface is properly maintained, cleaned regularly with using appropriate methods it will keep its slip resistance for many years.

How do you maintain Polished Concrete floors?    
Polished Concrete is low maintenance, but not completely free. There are a few things the owner needs to do to ensure the finish will last and will maintain its beauty. Regular cleaning and removing abrasive materials such as sand and dirt from the surface will help prevent micro-scratching. This will show in loss of shine. There are many products designed for these floors that will not damage the densifiers and hardeners used during the polishing process, along with waxes, surface conditioners, neutral cleaners etc. Never use acidic products to clean polished concrete floors.

How much does Polished Concrete Cost?    
The cost of polishing a floor will greatly depend on the floor condition, the size of the project, the desired finish and amount of work involved in getting the surface ready for polishing. If the floor is damaged, has glue, thin sets, grout, sealer or any other product on it, it will take a certain amount of work before the polishing process even starts. The cost per square foot may very from as low as $5.00 per square foot to as much as $10.00 per square foot. Color dying, staining, decorative scoring and intricate designs will also influence the final price.

How Durable is Polished Concrete?    
With proper care and a good maintenance program in place, polished concrete will have a very long useful life. Regular cleaning and applying surface conditioners and/or waxes will greatly extend the life of the floor and maintain its beauty for years to come.

What's the cost compared to other flooring?      
Polished flooring not only looks the best, but the cost is substantially less than other flooring. If you're looking to the future, you need to seriously consider polished concrete.

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Epoxy Systems

Chip Epoxy System

Epoxy paint chip garage
Epoxy Garage

An Epoxy Chip system is one that combines the highest quality vinyl flakes with a mixture of Polyaspartic and epoxy. Once placed on the floor of choice, that floor reaches a new level of functionality and is aesthetically-pleasing. This type of floor system is appropriate for all types of floors in all types of environments. The chip floor coating system offers a unique finish that has the capability of being designed to match any type of space. It may be laid in such a way that it is smooth or it may be laid with a textured surface. It is ideal for numerous applications including residential, commercial, and industrial.

What Is Flaked/Chipped Epoxy?
Flaked chipped epoxy includes mica or thermoplastic-based PVA chips. These are placed within an epoxy blend that typically includes a color coat. Once placed in the epoxy, the chips become embedded within the substance. When this type of floor is chosen, one may choose from many different types of chip blends. Flaked epoxy has gained an immense amount of popularity in the past few years.

What Are the Basics of the Chip System Design?
Generally speaking, the chip system design involves the use of a primer, a broadcast or mixture of vinyl flakes and a clear coat that goes over the top of the finished product. The finished procuct gives an easy clean, chemical resitant textured floor for great slip resistance and aesthetics. A flooring expert will design the floor that you want – be it in a residence, a show room, a salon, or in an industrial setting.

Metallic Epoxy System

Metallic Epoxy
Metallic Epoxy

Metallic epoxy is a special multi-layered epoxy floor coating system that incorporates the use of a metallic additive mixed into a clear epoxy coating to create exotic effects. This metallic powder continues to move through the epoxy as it cures creating the lava flow or pearlescent design. Because of this constant movement of the metallic pigment, even floors that use the same colors will never look the exactly the same, making each floor truly unique.

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Concrete Topping Systems

Micro-topping Driveway
Micro-topping Driveway

Concrete Overlays may be used both for beautification and restoration work, a thin overlay may be applied as a broom or trowel finish to rejuvenate a worn out driveway, basement, garage or patio to a brand new look, or, the same product may be applied in a decorative way to enhance it.
Are you tired of your plain concrete? Is it pitted, cracked and damaged by the elements and you'd like a new look without removing the old stuff? Then an overlay is what you are looking for. Concrete Overlays offer the distinct advantage that they can be applied right over existing concrete to create a new canvas to work on. Overlays offer innumerable variations of color and texture as they may be sprayed, troweled on, squeegeed smooth and broom finished. The applications are endless and the possibilities unlimited. Overlays have been around for over 40 years, and as with the rest of the decorative concrete industry, the growth on this segment is a reflection on the great popularity decorative concrete enjoys today. Overlays come in many ways: self levelers, thin resurfacers, stamp mixes and micro-toppings. Each has its own purpose and application method which allows us to offer a great array of choices to the project owner.  
Save Money: The cost of replacing concrete driveways, patios and pads is astronomical. For example, the average driveway is at least 21’ x 24’, which is 504 square feet. The minimum cost to rip out and replace would be around $25 per square foot, totalling over $12,000.00! Our product can be applied for as little as $6.00 per square foot - that is a savings of over $9,000.00! (Plus it’s not just plain grey cement)

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Epoxy paint chip garage



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